While country music legend Alan Jackson’s rendition of “Blessed Assurance” brought the beloved hymn to a new audience in 2006, the song’s roots trace back well over a century.

The lyrics were penned by Fanny Crosby, a prolific hymn writer who, despite being blind since infancy, produced over 8,000 hymns throughout her life. In 1873, she penned the powerful words that express unwavering faith and joyful surrender to God’s grace. The lyrics speak of Jesus’ sacrifice, the believer’s redemption, and the constant presence of divine love.

That same year, Phoebe Knapp composed the music that perfectly complements Crosby’s heartfelt message. The hymn’s structure is simple yet elegant, allowing the power of the words to shine through. “Blessed Assurance” quickly gained popularity within Christian congregations and has endured as a cherished hymn for generations.

Alan Jackson’s inclusion of “Blessed Assurance” on his gospel album “Precious Memories” in 2006 introduced the hymn to a wider audience. His warm baritone vocals deliver the message of faith with sincerity, creating a comforting and inspirational listening experience. Jackson’s rendition stays true to the spirit of the original hymn while offering a fresh perspective through a country music lens.

So, whether you’re a longtime fan of traditional hymns or a country music enthusiast discovering this song for the first time, Alan Jackson’s “Blessed Assurance” offers a timeless message of faith and hope, wrapped in the familiar sounds of country music.