While country music legend Alan Jackson brought “I Love To Tell The Story” to a new audience with his 2006 gospel album “Precious Memories,” the song’s roots trace back much further. It began as a poem titled “Because I Know It’s True” by Katherine Hankey, a prolific 19th-century English evangelist.

Hankey’s poem expressed the power and comfort found in sharing the Christian faith. It found new life in 1866 when William G. Fischer, a composer and organist, set the words to music. This transformed “Because I Know It’s True” into the hymn most recognize today, “I Love To Tell The Story.”

The hymn quickly gained popularity across denominations, with its simple yet powerful message resonating with congregations. Singers and choirs have shared “I Love To Tell The Story” for over a century, making it a cornerstone of Christian music.

Alan Jackson’s rendition stays true to the spirit of the original hymn. His warm vocals and signature country instrumentation create a familiar yet heartfelt presentation. Jackson’s inclusion of “I Love To Tell The Story” on “Precious Memories” not only honored a timeless hymn but also introduced it to a country music audience, further solidifying the song’s place in American music history.

So, as you listen to Alan Jackson’s “I Love To Tell The Story,” remember that you’re experiencing a piece of living history. This song carries over 150 years of faith, tradition, and the enduring power of sharing a message that continues to inspire.