While the deep, resonating vocals of Alan Jackson delivering the lyrics of “Ring of Fire” might be the version ingrained in many listeners’ minds, the song actually has a different origin story.

Written by Merle Kilgore and June Carter Cash, “Ring of Fire” was first released in 1963. June Carter Cash, who was married to Johnny Cash at the time, is said to have drawn inspiration for the lyrics from her own passionate relationship with the “Man in Black.” The fiery imagery and raw emotion in the song perfectly capture the intensity and consuming nature of love.

Though June Carter Cash recorded her own version of “Ring of Fire,” it was Johnny Cash who truly brought the song mainstream success. His powerful rendition on his 1963 compilation album “Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash” became a signature song for the country legend.

However, the enduring legacy of “Ring of Fire” extends beyond Johnny Cash. Artists across genres have been drawn to the song’s powerful lyrics and timeless message. Alan Jackson’s version, included on his compilation album “34 Number Ones,” is a testament to the song’s staying power. Jackson’s smooth baritone delivery takes a slightly more traditional country approach, but the core message of passionate, all-consuming love remains.

So, as you listen to Alan Jackson’s rendition of “Ring of Fire,” remember the song’s rich history and its roots in the fiery passion of one of country music’s most legendary couples.