Alan Jackson’s “That’s The Way” isn’t your typical chart-topping country hit. This tender ballad holds a special place in the hearts of Alan and his wife Denise, existing outside the realm of mainstream albums. The song’s origin story weaves a heartwarming connection between faith, love, and family.

Composed in 2007, “That’s The Way” was written to accompany Denise’s book titled “It’s All About HIM.” The book delves into her personal journey of faith and its impact on her marriage. Intentionally crafted for the book, the song acts as a musical expression of the couple’s enduring love and their shared commitment to their faith.

While not widely distributed on traditional music platforms, “That’s The Way” has found a niche audience through fan communities and online sharing. The lyrics paint a picture of a love built on trust, devotion, and a shared belief system. The gentle melody and heartfelt vocals create an intimate atmosphere, making the listener feel privy to a cherished piece of the Jacksons’ love story.

Though not a commercial success, “That’s The Way” holds a special significance. It’s a testament to the enduring power of love and faith, offering a glimpse into the private world of a country music icon and his wife. So, as you listen, let the song transport you beyond the stage lights, into a sanctuary of love and devotion.