About the Song

Ah, folks, settle in for a twangy tale of love and longing with a master of country crooning, the one and only Conway Twitty. Released in 1980, “A Bridge That Just Won’t Burn” might be a familiar tune for some of you. Back then, Twitty’s rich baritone voice was a constant on the radio, weaving stories of love and loss that resonated with folks across the country.

This particular song uses a clever metaphor to paint a picture of a relationship that’s gone wrong. You see, “A Bridge That Just Won’t Burn” doesn’t talk about fiery emotions or slamming doors. Instead, it uses the image of a bridge – a connection that’s been severed, but somehow just won’t completely collapse. The embers of love might be fading, but there’s still a flicker, a lingering warmth that keeps the bridge from burning down entirely.

Whether you’ve experienced a love that sputtered out or a connection that just can’t be fully severed, Twitty’s soulful delivery and the song’s evocative imagery will likely stir up some memories. So, put on your favorite pair of boots, grab a sweet tea, and let’s take a listen to “A Bridge That Just Won’t Burn”.



I threw away the pictures of those better days in Dallas
But I can’t throw away these pictures in my mind
She’s a page of precious memories I’ve tried hard to turn
She’s standing on a bridge that just won’t burn.
If only time will heal the hurt then this may last forever
I may never know how it feels to forget
Every time I think about her those old feelings still return
She’s standing on a bridge that just won’t burn.
I’ve burned a lot of bridges in my time
But the one I just crossed over Lord, it ain’t the burning kind
She’s that once in a lifetime kind of love that never will return
She’s standing on a bridge that just won’t burn.
Oh, She’s standing on a bridge that just won’t burn…