About the Song

Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn were two of the most iconic and successful country music singers of all time. Both were known for their distinctive voices and their ability to connect with audiences through their songs. “Country Blues” is a duet that perfectly showcases the talents of both singers.

The song was written by Sonny Throckmorton and Curly Putman and was released in 1976 as the second single from Twitty and Lynn’s album “Feelin’ the Feels”. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and became one of the most popular country songs of the year.

“Country Blues” is a classic countrypolitan ballad that tells the story of a couple who are struggling to make their relationship work. The song is full of emotion, and Twitty and Lynn’s vocals perfectly capture the pain and heartbreak of the situation.

The song begins with Twitty singing about how he’s been feeling down and blue. He’s lost his job, his car broke down, and he’s just about to give up. Then, Lynn enters the song and sings about how she’s been feeling the same way. She’s been struggling to raise her kids on her own, and she’s just about at the end of her rope.

The two singers then come together and sing about how they’re going to get through this tough time together. They’re going to lean on each other for support, and they’re going to get through this one day at a time.

“Country Blues” is a powerful song about the strength of love and the importance of family. It’s a song that will resonate with anyone who has ever been through a tough time.

Here are some additional details about the song:

The song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, at the RCA Studio B.
The song was produced by Owen Bradley.
The song was released on the MCA Records label.
The song was a critical and commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.
The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.
The song has been covered by many artists, including George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

“Country Blues” is a classic country song that will continue to be enjoyed by fans for generations to come.



Come all you good time people
While I have money to spend
Tomorrow might be Monday
And I neither have a dollar nor a friend
When I had plenty of money, good people
My friends were all standing around
Just as soon as my pocketbook was empty
Not a friend on earth to be found
I’ve gambled all over Kentucky good people
I’ve gambled part of the way through Spain
Goin’ back to old Virginia
For to gamble my last card game
Last time I seen my little woman, good people
She had a wine glass in her hand
She’s a-drinkin’ down her troubles
With a low-down, sorry man
I wrote my woman a letter, good people
I told her I’s in jail
She wrote me back and answered sayin’
“Honey, I’m a comin’ to go your bail”
All around this ol’ jailhouse is hated good people
40 dollars won’t pay my fine
Corn whiskey has surrounded my body, poor boy
Pretty women is a-troublin’ my mind
Boys, if you don’t switch your drinking
Sometime you’ll be just like me
A-working out your livin’ in a penitentiary
Oh, my daddy taught me aplenty, good people
My mama she told me more
If ever didn’t quit my rounded way
I’ll have trouble at my door
In the bottom of the whiskey glass
A lurkin’ devil dwell
It burns your breast to drink it, boys
It’ll send your soul to hell
Go dig a hole in the meadow, good people
Go dig a hole in the ground
Come around all you good people
And see this poor rounder go down
When I am dead and buried
And my pale face turned to sun
You can come around and mourn, little woman
And think the way you have done