Burnin’ Moonlight, released in 2007, is a prime example of Toby Keith’s ability to craft a catchy country tune that resonates with fans. Keith, known for his rebellious persona and anthemic songs about patriotism and blue-collar life, took a slightly different direction with Burnin’ Moonlight. This song explores themes of passion, temptation, and the magnetic pull of desire.

Burnin’ Moonlight wasn’t written solely by Keith. He collaborated with two other notable Nashville songwriters, Scotty Emerick and Chris Stapleton. Emerick, known for penning hits like “Red Solo Cup” by Keith Urban, and Stapleton, who later became a major country star in his own right, helped craft the story and lyrics that brought Burnin’ Moonlight to life. Keith also took control of the production for the song, adding his own creative touch to the final product.

Burnin’ Moonlight was a significant commercial success. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, a coveted position for any country artist. Even more impressive, it held the top spot for a record-breaking six weeks, solidifying its place as a country radio staple. Burnin’ Moonlight’s appeal extended beyond the country charts, achieving crossover success by peaking at number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This accomplishment demonstrates the song’s ability to resonate with a wider audience.

Burnin’ Moonlight was included on Keith’s 2007 album Big Dog Daddy. The album itself performed well commercially, reaching number two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Burnin’ Moonlight is credited with being a lead single for the album, helping to generate significant pre-release buzz and propel the album’s sales. This contributed to solidifying Keith’s status as a major star in country music.

Burnin’ Moonlight is not just a song; it’s a cultural touchstone. The song continues to be a popular choice for country radio stations and has become a go-to anthem for fans reminiscing about passionate encounters. Burnin’ Moonlight stands as a testament to Toby Keith’s songwriting and performing abilities, solidifying his place among the elite in country music.



The needle showed the gas was lowAnd three dollars in my pocketHer beauty got the best of meAnd she didn’t try to stop itOn a dead end road nobody knowsA thing about but meWe parked that old ford pickup truckUnderneath that cypress treeTurnin’ midnightBurnin’ moonlight
Yeah I was off and runnin’My fingers through her hairYou could cut the passion with a knifeIn that southern midnight airI kissed her sweet on that pickup seatAs my blue jeans hit the floorHer body heat and my cold bare feetPressed up against the doorTurnin’ midnightBurnin’ moonlight
Oh I still feel the same about youI can’t spend the night without youYou still move meTurnin’ midnightBurnin’ moonlight
It happened fastJust like thatIt didn’t take us longLike smoke rings off my cigaretteOur innocence was goneAnd I wanted to say somethingBut I buttoned up insteadShe sat there and brushed her hairAnd a smile was all she saidTurnin’ midnightBurnin’ moonlight
Girl I still feel the same about youI can’t spend the night without youYou still move meTurnin’ midnightBurnin’ moonlight
Burnin’ moonlightBurnin’ moonlightTurnin’ midnightBurnin’ moonlight