Willie Nelson’s “Made in Texas” isn’t just a song, it’s a heartfelt tribute to his Texan roots. Released in 2022, the track finds the legendary musician reflecting on his identity and the profound influence of his home state.

Composed by fellow Texans Shawn Camp and Monty Holmes, “Made in Texas” is a playful homage to the Lone Star State’s culture and traditions. The song grooves with a Western swing style, a genre with deep roots in Texas, perfectly complementing Nelson’s signature vocals.

Lyrically, the song is a celebration. Lines like “I was born beneath that old Lone Star” and “I hit the ground pickin’ this old guitar” paint a picture of a life shaped by Texas. Nelson humorously name-checks iconic Texan figures like Bob Wills and playfully pokes fun at state stereotypes with lines like “You can always tell a Texan, oh but you can’t tell him much.”

“Made in Texas” arrived as part of Nelson’s 152nd album, “The Border.” It served as the second single released before the album’s official launch, following the title track. The release coincided with Nelson’s 91st birthday, making it an even more personal celebration of his Texan identity.

Whether you’re a die-hard Willie Nelson fan or simply have a love for Texas, “Made in Texas” is a song that will have you tapping your boots. It’s a joyous ode to the land that made a musical legend and a reminder of the deep connection we all have to our home.