About the song

In the realm of country music, Toby Keith has solidified his status as a titan, and his 1999 power ballad, “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” serves as a testament to his enduring artistry. Originally released on his album How Do You Like Me Now?!, this evocative track quickly became a chart-topping sensation that resonated deeply with audiences.

A masterwork of raw emotion and yearning, “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” showcases Keith’s songwriting prowess. The song is a poignant tale of forbidden love and the struggle to resist its intoxicating allure. Expertly produced by James Stroud, with Keith himself lending his production talents, its sonic landscape is a rich tapestry of melancholic instrumentation that perfectly complements the heartfelt lyrics.

Upon its release, “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” achieved widespread commercial success, ascending to the coveted number one spot on both the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart. Its impact further solidified Keith’s position as a country music force, cementing its legacy as one of his most beloved and enduring ballads.

“You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” delves into universal themes of desire, temptation, and the intoxicating pull of a love that cannot be. It deftly captures the intoxicating rush of forbidden passion and the bittersweet pain of impossible choices. This combination of relatable themes, emotive songwriting, and Keith’s powerful vocal delivery has ensured the song’s continued resonance with fans of country music and beyond.